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“Prom-asaurus” Review

The website Hey Don’t Judge Me posted a review about last night’s Glee and they mentioned Rick The Stick.

My absolute most favorite C List character in the entire series is named as a nominee: Rick “The Stick” Nelson. (He flips a table and shouts, “You know this!” Seriously, that guy is hilarious.)

The prom court is brought on stage (again, Senior Prom must not be the same as Junior Prom, because none of this happened.) and I would like to point out Rick “The Stick” is wearing a tuxedo shirt under a jacket. Seriously: favorite bit player ever.

You can read the whole article here.


New pictures from Glee!

“The hair team on #glee is crazy”

“LOL…they gave me a poster to keep.”












And some stills from the “Prom-asaurus” episode:



Glee 3×20 – “Props” & 3×21 – “Nationals” Promo (HD)

Here’s the HD promo for the next week’s episodes. You can see Rock at 0:13/0:14.

Rock is back on Glee on May 8th!

Rock  is going to be on the May 8th episode, which is the Prom episode. He also is going to be in 3×20 and 3×21.

Here’s a picture of him on set ready to shoot 3×21

Glee shooting this week

Update (04/04): Rock is on set today

New spoilers about Rick “The Stick”

Jakevonscot posted on tumblr some spoilers about the upcoming episodes of Glee and there are some things about Rick. Note: This is a rumor for now, we’ll update if it’s confirmed.

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Rick is Back!

Rock finally told us the news he’s been holding for weeks: