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New movie!

Yeah, that’s right! Our favorite boy got a role in an upcoming movie by Josh Stolberg (Piranha 3D, Good Luck Charlie) called Feels So Good. Rock starts shooting today.

While searching for more info about the movie on twitter we discovered that some of his co-stars are Brendan Robinson (Lucas on Pretty Little Liars), Hutch Dano (Zeke on Disney’s Zeke and Luther) and Matt Shively (Ryan on True Jackson and Ben on Paranormal Activity 4).

Don’t forget to follow the cast on twitter for more info about the movie and tweets from the set:

@therockanthony @joshstolberg @brendanrobinson @hutchdano @mattshively1

We’ll be posting more about it as soon as we get the info, until then, good luck Rock and we hope all the cast/crew have a great shooting!


Walbob’s trailer and more!

We have some cool stuff about Walbob’s to share with you all. The first thing is the trailer! It’s finally here, check it out:

The second thing is a video promo of Rock and Jason Weaver talking about the movie and what YOU can make to help Walbob’s post production.

If you can, please donate. Let’s make this great movie hit the theaters. Also, if you donate you can win some cool things like autographed dvds!

We’ll post the website to donate as soon as possible. Stay tuned! 😉

[UPDATE]: Here’s the link to donate: Please donate if you can!

New Walbob’s set pictures and official screening!

According to Walbob’s official facebook, an official screening of the movie is set August 17th, 2012 at 8pm at Warner Bros screening room.

And they added some pictures too:

Don’t forget to LIKE the Walbob’s Facebook Page.

“Walbob’s” is finally wrapped!

More information about release date to come.

More pictures from “Walbob’s” Official Facebook page

The “Walbob’s” Official Facebook page posted more pictures from the set. Take a look and dont forget to LIKE the page

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Picture from “Neighbros”

Here’s an old picture of Rock at the set of “Neighbros”

More pictures from “Walbob’s”

The official Walbob’s Facebook page posted more pictures from the set.

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Photos from the set of “Walbob’s”

Rock tweeted some pictures from his upcoming movie “Walbob’s”

UPDATE: Rock tweeted more pictures from the set. One of them is from a “weird dream sequence” according to him.