Monthly Archives: March 2012

Rock’s new photoshoot by Guy Viau

After months waiting for this new photoshoot, Rock finally posted some photos:


Let’s hope that we get the other photos soon.


Rick is Back!

Rock finally told us the news he’s been holding for weeks:

The Glee Project & Glee

Rock tweeted some interesting things today:

Why Rock is going to be at TGP?  To be part of the video clips? To slushie the contestants? Place your bets!

Besides TGP, he’s coming back to Glee and promised to tell us the details by the end of the week

Happy B-Day Rock!


We wish you love, friendship, peace, success and all these good things 🙂 Hope you have an amazing day. We love you.

“Walbob’s” is finally wrapped!

More information about release date to come.